Incubated Startup – COHORT 3.0

Sl. No.Startup NameBrief of the StartupProblem they are solvingSolution
1Pasoli Agro Industry Private LimitedThey are building a tech-enabled, alternate, and value-added supply chain of agro products through a direct-to-consumer brand 'Mohabaahu Fresh'.The need for an organized supply chain for fresh agro-produce. From farm to table, the produce undergoes 5 to 6 intermediaries, resulting in high consumer prices. Moreover, there is also a lack of quality checking, packaging, and logistics. On the backend side, it affects the farmers in terms of the prices they get for the produce. The unavailability of demand forecast results in a huge demand-supply mismatch which eventually leads to surplus produce and wastage due to the highly perishable nature of the produces. The lack of a cold-chain and storage facility adds more to it. It is observed that approximately 24% of the fresh produce gets wasted in India (As per FAO, UN) due to the lack of supply chain infrastructure. The food wastage in India amounts to approximately US $14B per year, out of which 40% is fresh fruits and vegetables.They are building a tech-enabled, alternate, and value-added supply chain of agro products through a direct-to-consumer brand. Scientific harvesting techniques are used by the farmers at the time of harvesting and quality checking at the farm gate level. 2. Low-cost model of Common Krishi Seva Kendra (CKSK) which acts as a procurement center and pack-house at the catchment area. Moreover, it also acts as the local point to get seeds and inputs as per demand.
2MAGITECH INNOVISION LLPALLAY is the first online android application to find PGs, Rent Homes, Flats and Commercial spaces in the entire Northeast. People nowadays must travel and keep changing locations for various reasons like work, health, or education. For a short duration of stay, They have options for searching numerous hotels. But what if it’s a long stay? Spending a long time in hotels is inconvenient due to financial or other health issues. After all a hotel is a hotel, not a HOME.ALLAY is an online platform for searching for hostels, paying guests and rent homes. It is a space to create your own space. Away from the headaches of brokers or passing by the streets to search for the best place to stay, now one can just sit at a place and look at numerous options based on the required location at a convenient and affordable price. One can browse through the options and without approaching each and every property can directly visit the best convenient property.
3Poka MithoiChocolates with an indigenous twist.Assam or NER has a plethora of rich unique flavours which are concentrated to a certain/typical taste manifestation. The idea is to break all stereotypes and present Assam in a new light in the global market. They are continuously striving to encompass the ethnic flavours of this part of the country yet keeping chocolate in its own spectrum. Our aim is to create a sustainable market for the local farmer through effective marketing and innovative product development and make a niche in the established market.
A brand of fine chocolate produced from their own backyard with local indigenous flavours with variants like low/no sugar, savoury, vegan varieties and women centric chocolates.
4MN Creations (KATA Food)Dishing ready-to-cook products, free from chemicals and additives. 80% of the chicken sold in Guwahati is in the unorganized sector without food safety checks. Aside from eating chicken in a restaurant or cooking from scratch at home, there is no option in the market. Guwahati has an urban population of 957,352 individuals - there is a need for good quality, fresh & hygienically prepared chicken at affordable prices. They prepare standardised chicken recipes that are tasty, and healthy. This products can also be customised, during the cooking process and are readily available in many supermarkets ,retail outlets in the city of Guwahati and e-commerce platforms. They have launched a total of 5 variety of chicken products and 2 more varieties are in the pipe-line. Their products are also available in Meghalaya.
5RiyumProvides Screen Printing Solution for Artist and Amateurs.It's a task to find printing shops with quality prices. The startup has innovated an all-in-one Portable Screen Printing Machine that can Print any image into HD quality print. They provide the proprietary machine, offline/online class, along with the supply of ink and accessories.
6Gyan PandaA platform for availing affordable education in regional languages.They are going to solve two big problems of rural area students in India – quality and affordability.

Quality: As per ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) data of 2018, only 73% of rural students of eight standard can read the text and only 44% of them can solve a basic arithmetic problem. This is clearly an indication of a lack of quality education.

Affordability: The biggest challenge of rural families is financing their children’s education. As per 2018 MHRD statistics, only 43.1% of the students enrolled in senior secondary and 14.2% of students enrolled in higher education. This is due to the engagement of students in income-generating activities rather than education.
A bi-lingual digital learning platform that helps students from vernacular medium schools to undergo a smooth transition to the predominantly English mode of learning at the higher secondary and degree levels. The tutorials are provided in interesting video formats and the courses are available for a reasonable annual subscription fee.
7TTLT INDIA PRIVATE LIMITEDOffers tea products named “TrueDips” - which is a replacement for teabags .Health Hazard: Researchers at Mc Grill Univ, Canada found that a single teabag releases an estimated 11.6 billion toxic microplastics as soon as it is brewed in hot water.

Tea dust & broken leaf in teabags: The tea dust in teabags is responsible for consistently delivering a poor tea experience.
"TRUEDIPS is the World’s first and most sustainable teabag, which is an alternative to teabags containing micro-plastics
but with the finest quality real whole-leaf teas that can be brewed effortlessly or on the go.

Its patent-pending technology makes it possible to retain
the exotic aroma of the leaves as naturally as possible and tea brewing as easy as a teabag minus the micro-plastics inyour gut.
8Pdoc Infoservices (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.An application bridging the gap between quality and affordable healthcare services and consumers. The doctor's appointment process is not fully digitized as yet, which especially poses a problem for the rural belts. Most of the time people in rural areas have to wait in long queues and even after that, getting an appointment isn't guaranteed. In most of the scenarios, they do not have the clarity of the doctor's proper timing. Moreover, in some apps doctors appointment is available but the required online payment feature is where the rural population gets stuck to proceed further. PDoc is a doctor’s appointment app that bridges the gap between quality healthcare services and the people in need of it, especially in remote, far-flung areas. The app available on Playstore comes as a relief for booking doctor’s appointments from the comfort of one’s home, eliminating the uncertainties of on-spot booking. The patient gets real-time updates on the doctors’ availability and schedules.

PDoc differs from other similar apps in its model for offline payments. The customer needs to buy a virtual kit worth Rs. 99 from any of the partner clinics or pharmacies nearby. Thereafter, he can book up to 10 appointments preloaded on the app without any time limitations. Just like a mobile phone Top-up, he needs to recharge with a new virtual kit as soon as his allotted number of 10 appointments gets exhausted.
9WAAGN (Hax Technologies Pvt Ltd)A platform connecting shippers with transporters. The freight cargo movement industry is still fragmented and lacks transparency and efficiency. Users still need to go through a lot of hassles when it comes to freight cargo transportation - be it a business customer or an individual. Users (Shippers) face challenges while finding suitable transporter (Trucker) for their transportation needs due to a lack of price transparency and availability of trucks.Waagn provides a platform where shippers meet transporters. Shippers can directly book a truck using their user-friendly platform and transporters can find load accordingly.

Shippers can request trucks based on truck type, type of material to be shipped, timing and other shipment specifics.

They also provide GPS-enabled tracking of trucks through which shippers can be in touch with the trucks all the time and transporters can increase the number of trips based on real-time information about their trucks.
10NE CroftPromoting and selling Craftsmen’s art to cities.No Dedicated Online or Offline Booking System in the Handloom and Handicrafts Sector.
The nonavailability of asset-light handloom and handicraft business model.
Lack of standardized and timely production of bulk handloom and handicraft items.
No direct link between producers and bulk buyers (B2B/B2G) of Handloom and Handicrafts items.
Middlemen's exploitation.
Low artisan income.
The high price of handloom and handicrafts items.
NE Croft has a pool of more than 2000 artisans divided into clusters (based upon their handloom and handicrafts products), spreading across NER and East India. The startup connects these cluster artisans directly with wholesalers/ retailers and govt. agencies, for direct B2B/B2G purchases. It has created a first-of-its-kind, asset-light handloom and handicrafts business model in NER through the introduction of offline 'booking of the loom' and 'booking of craftsmen/products' systems.
11Kraftinn Home Decor India Pvt LtdIndia’s sustainable home décor company, accelerating the transition to sustainable home décor.Consumer household purchases are responsible for 40% of the non-biodegradable wastages Do we want to leave our next generation with an unsustainable polluted planet?KraftInn brings together key trends in sustainable material, modern design and scalable operation and vertically integrates into micro-factories and markets using focused brands. Kraftinn’s products are made from locally available renewable raw materials.
12StayIn Hospitality (Dweely)A tech-based service platform, providing full-stack property management services for owners and easy access and search options for tenants to avail rented housing properties in the market.There are many problems a tenant faces while searching for rental properties :

Online platforms :
1. Data sanctity of the listings made in online portals like 99acres, Magicbricks, etc.
2. Inconvenience of shortlisting properties and calling every owner.
3. No personal assistance in visiting properties.

Offline brokers :
1. Trust of the prospective tenants in the brokers especially in a new city.
2. High cost of registration with the brokers without any guarantee of getting a
desired place
3. Availability of authentic supply with individual brokers.
Enabling any individual to refer properties within their network and earn attractive commission using our list of verified properties.

● Sign up -> Search for the right property -> Share the
property with your knowns on Whatsapp adding your
commission -> Book a visit -> Post booking confirmation, give
bank details and Earn commission.
● Pricing models and customer flow have been designed for the
tenant to prefer the property through reference.
● All the paperwork involved in the process w.r.t the tenant and the owner will be done by our existing model of business.
13Meat Club KitchenCloud kitchen service exclusively for ethnic food items.Less popularity of indigenous cuisines among youth.

Need for innovation and a new look to our ethnic indigenous cuisine.

Need for budget-friendly ethnic food options as it is mostly available in niche or premium restaurants

Need for healthier alternatives to present-day fast food options.

In catering service :
Conventional catering houses/services are chaotic and monopolistic

Conventional catering houses/services lacked technology or proper efficiency.

High on wastage of food

High on cost and lack of transparency of the inventory

Lack of versatility in cuisines/recipes
The startup has introduced a cloud kitchen that promotes ethnic traditional food the way foreign fast food is promoted.

The 'Urban Ethnic' Cuisine and Menu – The menu comprises ethnic food items, whose recipes were deconstructed and innovated step by step after months of research to make it suitable for the urban youth.

Pocket-friendly menu
Easily accessible, quick service and portable ethnic food doorstep delivery (open till 12:30 am)

The food quantities delivered are optimized for consumption without creating any scope for food wastage.
14Madify Entertainment LLPAn Influencer Incubator & Marketing Platform that empowers them.Influencers don’t have a common platform to unite them. Influencers and brands have a hard time managing work. Influencers aren’t paid on time and payments are often delayed. Influencer Marketing is a very new concept for brands. Influencers don’t know how much to charge for their work.Madify offers a common platform that helps influencers and Brands to collaborate. SOCIAL MEDIA INCUBATOR: Helps creators grow and diversify on different platforms.
NEGOTIATION: Helps creators negotiate with brands and get the best rates. MANAGEMENT: Management of all the client’s work related to Influencer marketing.
15M/S XIPHIAS INDUSTRIESSupporting and Upskilling students with internship/ industrial training support.Major problem for Engineering students after Graduation is that there is a big gap between academic and industrial activities, as students are not able to work directly in industries due to the lack of practical knowledge. Students should know the industrial relation between MSME units and educational institutes to enhance the growth of applied knowledge among engineering students. They should know what are the current demands in industry and have to learn all the things while they were in the institute with the help of industrial interaction. One of the major problems faced by MSME units is that they need custom-made machines for production.XIPHIAS offers internship/ industrial training support on paid basis and FabLab Support to the students on an hourly/ monthly subscription basis for project development. The engineering project development services at minimal cost and also support emerging startups to develop their first prototypes via outsourcing. It also offers custom-made machines to MSME units like Food Processing, Farm Machinery, AgriTech and Plastic injection moulding.
16Earthy FreshDelivering fresh and hygienic meat, fish, vegetables and fruits to the doorstep.Unhygienic Fish & Meat Market.
Unavailability of custom-cut meat items.
Unavailability of quality & exotic vegetables.
Unavailability of convenient shopping experience.
Earthy Fresh provides a FARM to FORK convenience to the customers at their doorstep for fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing multiple intermediaries. Their farmers are getting the better price for their produce and consumers get quality products with the best price, with Earthy Fresh being the direct linkage between them.
17Ovigyo, A Unit of Regalx Rhinos Private LimitedAggregator platform for booking the essential home, industrial, and food services, delivered right at the footstep. Need of a skilled serviceman at the right time is in high demand. Absence of price regulation of service charges creates a dilemma among the customers. Most of the families face issues in finding a skilled serviceman/service provider at the right time. As per a market analysis, almost 80% of families opt for a hassle-free online service-providing platform.The startup makes accessing a skilled serviceman easier through its platform OVIGYO.
18MindsriserSchool/institute information at your doorstep and at your own convenient time. Maximum information in minimum time.
19Oddessemania Private LimitedProviding experiential trips to the never-seen-before nooks and crannies of India.For a middle-class family, bachelor, corporate workers budget and time is the big issue. While earning a modest income, the travelling wishlist does not translate into reality for the people belonging to this category. Secondly, most travel agencies or companies charge a high amount and do not give proper information.
Most importantly, they spend the money on fancy hotels and transport while the main focus should be giving travel experiences. This way sustainability is also not taken into consideration.
And lastly, the travel guides provided by some travel companies are not well-trained for the job. A travel guide should act as a saviour if someone is facing any problem while travelling but this happens very rarely due to the lack of experience of the guide.
Oddessemania has carved a niche as a go-to travel agency to help explore the lesser-trodden nooks and crannies of the country. It provides a budget-friendly backpack and adventure travelling, giving a true essence of the place by keeping fooding, lodging and site exploration absolutely local, while keeping in mind the sustainability factor.

The startup is ably supported by local guides across several states who are thoroughly trained to lead the trips which also include arranging conveyance and homestays. This fulfils the startup’s larger objective to uplift the socio-economic environment of the far-flung pockets of the country through tourism by creating employment opportunities and placing a strong reason for developing those areas.
20TGG TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTDOne-stop online platform for restaurants to order wholesale supplies at reasonable prices.Running a restaurant is hard work in today's world of hectic schedules and dealing with the late night calls for order procurement only adds to it.

Procuring supplies from multiple vendors is a time-consuming process. The overall expenses may increase the cost per product.

Sudden order cancellation is a nightmare for the restaurant. Owners may cost a loss in business.

Commission agents, traders, and wholesalers take a huge chunk of profit from the Restaurant and restaurant may not avail any direct discounts and offer from

Consistent problems with on-time on-time delivery can cause issues that affect their business.
ChfMart is a one-stop digital platform for businesses to purchase restaurant supplies at the best prices. It offers restaurateurs a hassle-free option to simply place orders and wait for the supplies to be delivered to their doorstep.

ChfMart has partnered with local farmers, vendors as well as major brands catering to restaurant supplies to make the best items available to the restaurants at affordable prices, with the assurance of timely delivery and an uncomplicated payment process.

ChfMart automatically creates different orders for different vendors instantly with real-time updates on the dashboard. Restaurants can review the orders and make the pending payments with ease. The App has also introduced a Savings Calculator, which the restaurants can use to calculate the amount saved on average.
21Deroi Innovations Pvt ltdDisruptive tea processing mechanism that eliminates the use of coal and LPG fuels, retaining the original taste and freshness of orthodox tea. Volatile beneficial compounds of tea.
Premium artisanal tea is expensive and not readily available.
The advertised freshness of the tea doesn’t reach the customer due to excessive handling after manufacturing. Hidden contamination in tea bulk of mass-produced specialty tea.
Deroi Innovations has developed a proprietary tea processing mechanism that eliminates the use of coal and LPG in tea manufacturing. The tea products contain no carbon deposition. Currently, the startup is processing single-origin whole-leaf green and black tea products under controlled pressure and temperature, with zero carbon emissions. The freshness is kept intact and retains antioxidants and polyphenols due to low-temperature drying.
22ROTO TECHNOLOGY & SERVICESIt has a tech based platform for building and facilitating a highly collaborative network of available Transporters and Consumers. Through a Common Platform the customers can conveniently find the right shipping vehicle based on their requirements like Volume, Shipment Type, Weight, Capacity, etc & the Transporters, has to no longer rely on brokers to find customers, as all the database will be readily available on the platform. Intra city logistics market in India is highly fragmented and unorganized.

On an average, transporters spend 5 hours a day waiting in carrier vehicle stands for customers.
A collaborative Network of available Transporters and customers that allows them to leverage the network throuhg a common platform.

Through their platform, customers can find right vehicle based on their requirements. The network brings transpaarency in prices and minimize fluctuation.

Transporters no need to rely on brokers and stands to find customers, reducing dependency and preventing the under utilization of assets.
23CARE North East Environmental ServicesProvides one-stop integrated environmental services in small and medium towns.No small or medium towns have access to an environmental service provider to cater and manage all types of waste as per the Laws. Municipalities and other public sector industry under tremendous pressure to comply with waste management laws or else NGT will penalize them.The startup provides fee-based reliable, professional environmental services in compliance with the law, to Municipalities, Hospitals, E-waste generators and Bulk waste generators. It's trying to fill in the wide gaps of inefficient, unscientific waste management done by municipalities or labour contractors, NGOs and SHGs and replace them with trained professionals to manage waste.
24BikozeeThird-Party Logistics Services provider for businesses, solving last-mile delivery needs on E-Mobility. 23% CAGR in the home delivery sector in India.
With the rise in the digital economy and social distancing norms, the hyperlocal delivery sector is on the boom. 90% of Digital businesses face challenges in last-mile delivery manpower recruitment, tracking and communications. 15% of Urban pollution is caused by transportation alone. Transforming last-mile delivery vehicles to electric can significantly reduce cost and pollution.
Bikozee is meeting the last-mile delivery needs of hyperlocal e-commerce businesses by providing electric mobility services. Driven by two-fold objectives of alleviating carbon emission and increasing livelihood opportunities in the hyperlocal delivery sector, the startup has developed an advanced tech-enabled platform for enterprises and government agencies to book skilled delivery personnel for delivering their products to the end customers on electric and hybrid 2-wheelers. The startup has been efficiently creating and training a team of skilled delivery executives who are empowered with electric two-wheelers and are specifically trained on the safe delivery procedure and on-road marketing skills.
25SmartPAPAEnabling and empowering Artists/Creators/YouTubers/Social Media Influencers to create and sell their MERCHANDISE. No Standard Platform in India. Unknown to many Indian Creators. Lack of Technical Knowledge. Low Profit Margin.SmartPAPA provides Artists/Creators/YouTubers/Social Media Influencers with a Platform to create a Merchandise Store. The startup envisions simplifying monetisation for 100M creators.
26CreatorHubDigital room for brands and influencers to connect and curate influencer marketing campaigns.Northeast India is a culturally rich and linguistically diverse region of the country and is home to many talented social media creators. Due to the language barrier,s brands often hesitate to select NorthEasternn influencers. The startup is helping bridge this gap by connecting the best brands to the right influencers as well as helping influencers find good collaborations.Creatorhub is an influencer marketing agency founded in 2020 with the dual visions to enable businesses to effectively harness the power of influencer marketing as well as put the North East Indian influencers under spotlight so as to bag projects and pull them off to impressive outcomes. The startup is also engaged in honing the influencers to further improve their content/editing and makeup skills, thereby increasing their chances of selection.
27Pure Seed Agro ProductsGourmet Mushrooms from farm to fork within 5-6 hours of harvest.Protein and micro-nutrient deficiency in the diet.
Use of high chemicals in fresh produce.
Seasonal produce.
Delay in farm-to-consumer delivery.
Use a chemical-free process for growing mushrooms.
Produce mushrooms and micro-greens all year round.
Grow specialty crops with high nutrients.
Maintain the quality of crops with climate control.
Farm-to-market delivery within 3-4 hours.
Implement vertical stacking for high yield in lesser space.