Incubated Startup – COHORT 4.0

Sl.No.Startup NameBrief of the StartupProblem they are solvingSolution
1Skyline ConstructionsOne stop solution to make your homes safe and sustainable.Water seepage in buildings.
The radiated heat of the sun inside buildings.
Cracks in buildings.
Weakening of building's strength.
The startup leverages technology to offer the following services for safe and sustainable buildings and structures:
Retrofitting & Structural rehabilitation.
Heat proofing.
Automated Painting with Augmented Reality.
2Aicheng Innovation & Research Pvt LtdA patented multipurpose integrated reeling and re-reeling machine for muga mulberry and tassar. Lack of integrated post-cacoon technology in the reeling machines available in the market.The startup has innovated an integrated multipurpose reeling machine that has the ability to reel different varieties of silk. The machine has many innovative features, such as Reeler's ability to manage TPI to their liking, robotics traveler, electric and solar operation with 2 days of power backup, speed controller, and portable and extension home light up to 12 watts.
3Aqua Blue Global Aquaculture Sol Pvt LtdIndia's first e-fishmarket is a one-stop solution for Aquaculture. A well-structured B2B channel for fish is not available in Assam.Fishwaale provides an ecosystem exclusively for fish farmers, traders, retailers, suppliers and producers to buy their products. The App facilitates buying and selling of quality fish and fish feed, along with value added fish products like fish pickled, packeted dry fish and processed fish. Besides, aquarium tanks, ornamental fish and equipment can also be placed for orders online.

What's more, users can avail low costing transportation using Fishwaale live fish transportation tank.
4AVA Creations Social Impact FoundationEthnic fashion with ethics.The Northeast Indian handlooms are thinly represented on a pan-India level.

The awareness about the contribution of the fashion industry to global warming is sparse.

The need for championing sustainability and transparency in business is increasingly felt.
AVA Creations manufactures ethically-made clothing using biodegradable natural fibers and natural dyes. They are sensitizing people about the use of ethically made clothing, their impact on this planet and the impact of their spending.

AVA Creations Social Impact Foundation is promoting Hand-Loom as a Loom of Hope in providing alternate livelihood and generating a sustainable income for the forest-dependent communities in Northeast India through the handloom value chain and sericulture practices.
5Bhuyan IndustryAutomatic hand loom for a phenomenal reduction in time and effort.Need for sustainable handloom ecosystem.

Development of rural economy

Empowerment of rural woman.
Maina automatic hand loom is an elegantly designed compact and automated solution, with 10 times faster, higher and easier wrap loading capacity than a traditional loom machine. It's an economical solution and creates a sustainable environment for weavers with an emphasis on the growth of rural economies and women empowerment.
6Community Grown Indigenous Spices and Herbs from NETaking North Eastern community-grown indigenous spices to the world.Absence of a unified platform or entity to promote Spices and Herbs from Northeast India.The startup is driven by its mission to increase the global demand for exotic and GI-certified spices of NER and bridge the supply gap in the spice market with quality products. It sources spices and herbs from the different communities of Northeast India and markets them extensively through B2B and B2C sales channels. In the process, it is playing a key role in generating livelihood opportunities for the community farmers of NER.
7Crafty NationA one-stop shop for eco-friendly, aesthetic home décor items from North East India.Mankind's unchecked and unmindful lifestyle choices are causing catastrophic ripple effects on the environment.Crafty Nation is a one-stop shop for aesthetically designed, eco-friendly home decor items. It has positioned itself as the champion of a sustainable yet swanky lifestyle, through its exquisite range of home décor items made from eco-friendly materials.

The home décor brand also generates opportunities for small artisans of Northeast India to showcase their craftsmanship by turning raw materials like bamboo and cane into exquisite pieces of art.
8Fuloni LLPOn a mission to make the green industry greener.Plastic has been used extensively for too long in the horticulture industry (approx 350000 tons per year), most of which ends up in landfills.Fuloni is India's first and only online nursery and gardening store that is consciously committed to growing plants in 100% natural and 100% compostable planters (made of coconut husk and cow manure) and delivering them to the doorsteps of environmentally conscious citizens who want to live more sustainably, making India a plastic-free nation.
9Global IT Consultancy ServicesThe Business MakersA dearth of standard and organised services in NER to meet the varied and customised software requirements of companies and startups in the region. GITCS caters to the software requirements of startups and businesses from NER by providing them with custom-made software and also customizable ERP products at cost-efficient prices.

The company serves two verticals – consultancy and product business. The former caters to the digitizing needs of businesses to help them achieve their business goals easily. They also provide an all-in-one ERP product called My Sales ERP targeting B2B clients from various backgrounds who need software assistance. Besides, the startup has launched a Learning Management Software (LMS), primarily targeting IAS academies and coaching institutes.
10House of LocalsLifestyle brand from NER, combining sustainable and traditional handicrafts with modern designs..
The handicraft designs in the market have become obsolete. Further, there is a conspicuous dearth of organized platforms for artisans. The lack of streamlined market linkage is another problem affecting the industry.“House of Locals” is a producer of sustainable, handmade goods to stand tall in the world of machine-made products. It focuses on the involvement of artisans in the A-to-Z production process and also conducts skill development programs in rural areas. The brand aims to go plastic-free with zero waste management practices incorporated throughout its production and packaging process.
11KaxhoriBlowing fresh life into the weaving community of Assam.Onslaught of power looms are adversely affecting the motivation of the traditional handloom weavers of Assam.Kaxhori is an online platform, offering Mekhela Chadors - a hand-woven traditional silk attire of Assamese women. The startup is focused on creating a platform that offers 100% authentic silk products, each product beautifully hand-woven & enhance the shopping experience by delivering exactly what They promise within the given timeline.
12KidEx Venture Pvt LtdB2B & B2C Experiential Learning Certification platform focused on holistic development of Indian children. KidEx Venture is a one-of-a-kind, age-appropriate holistic development framework for children aged 3 to 17 years, that can be converted into a quantified score for any child. The app has multiple features like experiential learning programs, digital content, quizzes, and assessments to collect the inputs to generate the child's holistic development profile. The platform is tested & validated with government, schools, companies and end-consumers
13MadhurIntroducing the nation to the amazing benefits of the indigenous herbs of Assam.Declining awareness and popularity of indigenous herbs/ superfoods of Assam due to irregular availability in the market.Madhur processes the highly nutritious, indigenous herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables of Assam like Maanimuni, Bhedailota, Outenga, Bael, etc., into ready-to-cook finished products. Its dehydration technology enhances the shelf life of the products.
14MamazakiFusion food, blending quirk with tradition.A noticeable dearth of platforms for ordering fusion food items in the region. Mamazaki is a virtual kitchen curating and delivering tantalizing fusion food using indigenous, GI-tagged ingredients.
15Monjuri Agro LLPChemical-free microgreens to fulfill nutrition needs for healthy living.The overt use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture is leading to hazardous health issues in consumers.Guwahati Microgreens is a vertical farming division of Monjuri Agro LLP, growing fresh microgreens, and vegetable sprouts for individuals and businesses in Guwahati. Their products are absolutely organic and 100% chemical-free.

Help to aid lifestyle diseases and illnesses.

Contains 10 to 40 times more nutrition compared to its mature counter part.
16Mr BiologistPromoting healthy lives and well-being for everybody and everywhere.Lack of Independent biotech and bioinformatics CRO in Northeast India.Mr. Biologist is a biotechnology and bioinformatics startup working on the following products:

NEUROGI.AI: An AI-based App or platform for customized mental health checkups, enabling easy access to Psychologists for better and quick counseling.

STAMEK: A Platform to collect gut micro-biome data for health monitoring and nutrition recommendation.
17Navariti Innovation (Sammmant Smart Solutions LLP)Sustainable social impact through smart farming solutions.Increasing population and climate change make the traditional forms of agriculture unsustainable.

Rising agri-input costs adds to the burden of the farmers.
Navariti Innovation has developed a solar-powered IoT system (HELIO-T), which is a completely autonomous, smart farming system that can increase yield and reduce agri-input costs. The key features of the system include:

- Monitors all relevant environmental & soil parameters.

- Completely autonomous with remote monitoring and control.

- Crop and geolocation agnostic.

- Very intuitive to use even for an unskilled farmer.

- Extremely cost-effective with robust design with virtually free maintenance.

- Suitable even for hilly and remote areas with little or no connectivity.
18NE Hygiene SolutionsAll in one hygiene solution.Lack of professional and experienced experts in the Hygiene industry.

Poor equipment and obsolete technology are used in the cleaning process.
NE Hygiene Solutions leverages the latest technologies to ensure optimum hygiene and protection, delivered by its team of skilled virus warriors. The startup brings a wide range of multispecialty hygiene services and essential supplies under one roof.
19Sama-ArthaProviding easy access to financial services to everyone, everywhere and possibly every day.Irregular and lopsided forging of financial inclusion in the country.The startup has developed a user-friendly CRM platform for simplifying financial services and making them accessible to everyone.
20Sarikart OnlineDigital one-stop shop for everything authentic, woven in natural fibres. Exclusive handwoven sarees are not available at a fair price. The ones available in the market are mostly of inferior quality, incorrect length and mismatched colours. Further, the livelihood of weavers and artisans are adversely affected owing to limited reach and shrinking margins.Sarikart Online is a digital marketplace where weavers can display their authentic and high-quality creations at a favourable price. Customers can buy pure cotton, silk, and linen at affordable prices from award-winning Theyavers. Through the platform, weavers get better earnings and get access to a large pool of online customers; whereas, customers find superior fabric and eco-friendly quality products at a fair price.
21Satvalux India LLPPromoting safe, secure, scientific, end-to-end e-waste recycling process.There are very few waste management facilities that know how to dispose of e-waste properly.
Northeast India has no Recycler facility and only 1 dismantler facility.
Producer Responsibility Organisations collect the e-waste and transport it to Delhi/UP at a higher transportation cost and sell it to informal sectors, leaving the vendors with lower prices.
Satvalux is a waste management consultant, on a mission to promote “Ethical development for a better tomorrow”. Setting out on a journey to transform every business into a green business, Satvalux primarily offers an end-to-end solution for the disposal of e-waste – right from the collection of waste materials to upcycling them for future use. Besides conducting awareness sessions in various academic, government and private institutions; the Assam-based company advocates the implementation of closed-loop recycling as a solution to control the haphazard dumping of e-waste and promotes a circular economy as a means to convert waste to wealth.
22Selabx System Pvt LtdInnovating low-cost electronic products to make them accessible to lower-income groups.Most of electronics and technology companies do not cater to the needs and constraints of the lower-income groups.SelabX Systems has built a mini-inverter, priced within Rs. 1000, with an objective to make it accessible and affordable for people from lower-income groups.

The startup has innovated a range of budget-friendly electronic amenities infusing technology and using minimum components. Yet, what makes the mini-inverter, also known as the Sahaj Inverter, its star product is its easy do-it-yourself repairing feature by just replacing the old PCB with a new one. The inverter is also capable of providing a power backup non-stop for 14 hours in the case of a single bulb which is 2.5 times more than the inverters available in the market. In addition, the inverter comes with an SMPS charger to stabilize power fluctuations.
23ShyamRenu Enterprises LLPCreating wonders from waste.High use of chemicals in bath items is resulting in the rising cases of dermatological issues.Kuhi Bath is a personal care brand of Shyamrenu Enterprises LLP, which is on a mission to substitute chemical-based bath items with natural, handcrafted luxe products. The startup manufactures handcrafted soaps, shampoo bars, sugar scrubs, face bombs, bath bombs and bath salt from floral waste. All products are chemical-free, cruelty-free and vegan, with biodegradable packaging.

A team of specially-abled women is engaged in preparing the raw materials, packaging and labeling of the products.
24Spicenatura Foodtech LLPExotic and exclusive spice blends from Northeast India.There are hardly any all-in-one Spice blends for global cuisines, including Northeast Indian cuisines, available in the Indian market. Secondly, the use of synthetic colours, stabilizing and flavoring agents pose serious health hazards in the long run.Spicenatura Foodtech manufactures a range of spice blends, seasonings and spice rubs, using exotic spices grown in Northeast India. The products are made of 100% natural ingredients and retain the unique flavours of spices from Northeast India.

The startup is driven by a motive to empower the spice cultivators of the region. Through the venture, it has been able to support 80 spice cultivators to date. They have also signed a few MOUs with farmer organisations to help them cultivate, grow and scale up production of exotic spices, as well as providing them with forward and backward linkages.
25Taskmint by Platio Tech Pvt. Ltd.With TaskMint, A Smart and Automatic Home is No More Just A Dream.Usage and wastage of cables and wires.
The existing solutions offer no remote access to the old wiring system.
Ecosystem and placement of devices often lead to latency issues.
The startup offers a range of home automation services for convenience, safety and security. Some of their services to mention are IoT Home Automation, Modern Wiring using wire optimal techniques, Smart & Wi-Fi Mesh, Smart High Fidelity Multimedia, Smart Security & Surveillance and Smart Lighting. It also provides solutions for live tracking of power consumption as well as customized services to enhance the longetivity of the installed devices with safety standard protocols.
26The UnexploredUnique travel experience provider in Northeast India.Due to the lack of proper infrastructure in the Northeast Indian region, stay options are limited, making it difficult to accommodate and manage a large group of travelers.
Lack of awareness regarding the people, culture, places and many other facets of Northeast India is a problem that must be urgently and earnestly addressed.
The Unexplored is a Northeast-India-based travel startup, having specially curated experiential learning programs for students based on various themes such as Adventure, Heritage, Wildlife and Eco tours, etc.

The startup offers custom-made tour experiences highlighting the mutual relationship that exists between man and nature. It also owns and runs sustainable campsites in Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh.
27Traditional Notrh East Pvt LtdOne-stop platform for buying and selling of ethnic items from Northeast India.Difficulty in finding one state's ethnic items in another state.
The price of traditional handloom products is exorbitant and there is no fixed market price point for customers.
Unorganized and low production of handloom items, due to a dearth of technologically upgraded hand looms.

Lack of knowledge of the market demand and courier shipment-related issues posing hindrances for the local weavers in meeting e-commerce orders.
‘Traditional Northeast’ is the one-stop platform for all the traditional items of the ethnic communities of Northeast India, enabling anyone from anywhere to easily sell and purchase ethnic items.

It has an inventory for the local weavers to safely stock their products and further offers product photography and product listing solutions.
28UjudebugOffering a wide array of digital services and a full spectrum of IT solutions to create innovative services.Problems that customers face while availing of any IT services are:
Proper Documentation
Software development procedure
Trust Issue
Language Barrier
Costly Service
Lack of proper marketing
Low Team Strength/Quality, &
Lack of Transparency
Ujudebug is an IT startup specializing in Software Development, Mobile App Development, Website Design, E-Commerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, CRM, ERP, SEO, etc. It provides tailor-made packages to cater to the varied needs of businesses. Its USPs include:
Complete Documentation
Optimized Development Time
Tech Savvy Services
Modular Development Strategy
Timely Delivery
Highly Scalable Systems, &
Superior Online Presence
29WeBotApp AcademyWeb and mobile app development and digital marketing training and placement for the youth in Assam. Due to a lack of awareness about modern skills, proper mentorship, inadequate learning and infrastructure, and language communication issues (especially for rural populations), Assam has 17 lakh educated unemployed youth.WeBotApp Acadamy provides courses on Web Development, Digital Marketing and Mobile App Development in hybrid and classroom training modes. The courses are available in both Assamese and Hindi. Recordings are available on their mobile application.
30Webotapp Pvt LtdThey are trying to list the MSMEs online by developing their websites, softwares, mobile applications and offering digital marketing services. They primarily focus on MSMEs of India and they shall use their services to increase their brand visibility and sales. Ranging from Rs 3000 to Rs 300,000, they have solutions for every business. Due to lack of guidance towards the adaption of digital technologies, out of 633 Lakhs MSMEs in India 392 lakhs are not digitally engaged. Because of that, those businesses are not online and they are not as pofitable as they should have been.Provides various IT services such as Visibility Package, Marketing Package, Operational Package at a very affordable price. They are running their server via cron job.
31Sprengal Food Technologies Pvt Ltd.The startup has curated different flavours of momos under their brand Darjeeling Momos . They do home deliveries, takeaways, office and party orders. Snacks : Biriyani, rolls, etc. Currently there are 3 outlets operating in Guwahati - Chandmari, Silpukhuri & GMCH campusA large sect of their community aspires to enter the food business to own and run a restaurant; alike setup profitably, either as their primary or secondary source of income. However 60% of the same fail to do so in the 1st year of operations itself. As these businesses demands exclusive focus, comprehensive planning, strategic marketing routes and proven skill sets.

Market situation is unorganized, high franchise cost of existing organized sector, no digital supervision, high operational cost, untrained employees, Inconsistent quality.
Food Hotspot Business Format Franchise model is a franchise owned company operated (FOCO) model. Its works on Hub and Spoke model, here the Master kitchen is the Hub and the Franchise Outlets are the Spokes. All the production works are done in the Master Franchise centrally. Then their delivery vehicle delivers the products to the franchise outlets. Only cooling reheating and packaging is done in the outlets. All the operations including purchasing raw materials, cooking in the master kitchen, distributing and selling products in the outlets are monitored with help of an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) website. In their franchise model, owner can monitor the live sales and its not mandatory to be physically present.
32QuickFix Utility & Technology Solutions Private LimitedIt is an Umbrella platform that provides all kinds of office maintenance & personnel services to its customers. The service providers are onboarded onto the platform and the app provides hassle free service booking options to its customers.Not getting a skilled Service Provider at Right Time, Place & Price. Not Getting Customer regularly who provides Justified Payment.“QuickFix” aggregates the Service Providers, Customer uses them through its digital platform. private is a manufacture of “Smart Booths” and a network(NSP) of smart & convenient & cost effective AC & DC charging stations for electric vehicles across India.ICE vehicles contribute substantially to problem. The damaging effects they have on us and our children, it’s time to look for a Green Alternative. One of the biggest challenges of EV adaptation is the lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Cost involved in developing the charging infrastructure is too high and OEM’s & Governments can only do so much to create this so as to support their initial adaptation.Their smart, low cost & scaleable chargers are designed keeping in mind the need of current and future EV Drivers. Their Smart Booths are capable of charging Electric Cycles, Electric bikes, Electric Autos & Electric Cars. Their 'Smart Booths’ are capable of charging 15km to 30 km per hour depending on the vehicle type and battery capacity.
34XomoyThey have developed a mobile app and webbsite that aims to promote regional music and songs of each and every culture, tribe of the region. Songs will be uploaded by respective copyright holder, and stored in the platform which will be made available for general users to enjoy them. In this way, all the regional songs will be made available under one umbrella in a single platform as well as They can also preserve the lost songs digitally for future generations. Also planning to convert many famous Assamses books into audio format and make them available in the app. No dedicated regional music streaming platform & unavailable of regional music digitally.Providing a platform for regional music streaming, podcasts, for new artist & for preserving old and traditional music.
35CODE IMPACTProviding online coding classes for children from the age of 11 to 16. Extending education to the less privileged parts of our society by bringing it to them at the lowest price in the country, without compromising on the quality of the education.With focus on only theoretical knowledge in our current education system, 95% of engineering graduates are unskilled.

According to McKinsey’s survey, 400 million jobs will be lost in 2030 (9 years from now) due to automation. If the manpower is not skilled, they are likely to remain jobless. The coming generation needs to be creators instead of consumers.
Their materials and tools are specifically created for learners and learning experiences and focus on foundational concepts that allow them to stand the test of time. They are designed to support exploration and discovery by those without computer science knowledge, so that students can develop an understanding of these concepts through “play” and experimentation. They are developing the website and web application to manage students, teachers and sales agent at one platform.
36MI SevenThe startup provides financial assitance on various banking systems & on stock markets51% of millennials are holding back investing due lack of knowledge
Personal Finance.

24%of adults in India are financially literate

>10%of adults in Northeast are financially literate.

72% Unaware of 'How much money to Invest'.
A unified platform for: Financial Education, Investing, Advisory & Planning.