Utkarsh Edutech

Startup Name

Utkarsh Edutech

Founding Year

not yet

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Type of Entity

Registeration under process (Pvt. Ltd.)



Startup’s Objective

The startup aims at creating a Portable Mini Science Laboratory in vernacular medium content with Desk and Solar Light for everyone.

Market Need

The gap between the educational opportunities available in traditional schools compared to new age schools has increased over the past two decades. Schools in tier 2 cities and rural areas suffer from lack of basic laboratory facilities and teaching aids. Brilliant students are confined to text books without having a chance to experience hands on experimentation. It comes back to haunt them in interviews and entrances when pitched against privileged students who have had the best of both worlds. They are termed unemployable, educated with a degree but without skills. The major reason is that these students have learnt, not experienced their subjects.

Product/Service description

Utkarsh Edutech Pvt Ltd is developing a science kit or a mini portable science laboratory created completely in alignment with the school curriculum and the text book followed in a particular class with provisions of materials available in vernacular medium. The kit will contain relevant equipment and exercises along with instruction manuals in English as well as vernacular mediums against the activities mentioned in the science text book of a particular class. A teacher can directly refer to these kits while teaching a particular chapter and can make learning fun.


Educational Institutes Parents Government Authorities CSR/NGO

Revenue Model

Primary revenue source will be the sale of the kits. Secondary sources will include content development to support the popularity of the kits and also promoted independently.
Sales Channel 1 – YouTube Content Driven Sales
Proprietary Videos with live demonstrations and possibilities with every kit will be created.
A IVR/Online order fulfilment system will be integrated.
Sales Channel 2 – Offline
Retail Outlets
Fairs and Exhibitions
Sales Channel 3 – Institutional
Educational Institutes
Government Departments
CSR projects

Current Traction

Currently in product development stage, Utkarsh has made a couple of early versions that were tried with focus groups comprising of students, parents and teachers. They have documented the feedback from these groups and working on it.


Maitreya Goswami, Hemanta Saikia