Tholua Pratisthan Pvt. Ltd.

Startup Name

Tholua Pratisthan Pvt. Ltd.

Founding Year


Founders Kironmoyee Gohain Dutta, Trishnashree Dutta, Priyanka Gogoi Dutta
Business Category


Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest

MASI Grant, Fund Connect

Investment Required

70, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.


Startup’s Objective

Tholua Pratisthan endeavours to fulfill the daily need of progressive consumers who are increasingly redefining their food culture for health and wellness with “better for you (BFY)” and “nutritional food” products.

Market Need Dreaming about losing weight or staying fit does not materialize without a healthy lifestyle and nutritional intake of food. A healthy diet leads to a healthy immune system, which, in turn, affects an individual’s capacity to fight many chronic diseases.

Redefining and aligning the food habits according to nutritional demand of body is an easy and inexpensive way to move toward this goal. While food cannot replace medication entirely, a healthy diet is the foundation for a healthier life and increases the effectiveness of medicines also.

In today’s fast-paced life where most of the working people, especially in the urban landscapes, prefer to grab food on the go, are in need of ready to eat better for you food options to satisfy the nutritional demand as well as the taste buds.

The global wellness industry grew 12.8 percent from 2015-2017, from a $3.7 trillion to a $4.2 trillion market. To put that in the economic context, from 2015- 2017, the wellness economy grew 6.4 percent annually, nearly twice as fast as global economic growth (3.6 percent).

An FICCI-PWC report, ‘The changing landscape of the retail food service industry’ identifies health and wellness as one of the factors driving the Indian food services industry, which totalled to $46.56 billion in 2017. The food services business is expected to grow to $77.79 billion by 2022.

Product/Service description The startup’s Our Better For You (BFY) products are divided in three categories –

1) Lite foods and beverages that contain no, low, or reduced calories.

THOLUA ® MadhuTulasi followed by MadhuStevia™ is the flagship brand in this category. MadhuStevia™ is a plant-based zero calorie sugar substitute which replaces Saccharin, Sucralose, Aspartame based artificial sweeteners.

2) Good foods and beverages that generally are considered wholesome, for example wholegrain products, as well as traditional products that have been made healthier but do not qualify as “lite.

The brand KAMENG STREET™ fulfils the need of consumers by providing a wide range of snacking items. Presently KAMNENG STREET™ is available with nutritional wholesome Makhana (Fox Nuts) based snacks.

3) Indigenous Foods that may not be low in calories, but packed with nutrition, medicinal properties, probiotics and good bacteria required for a healthy immune system.

The category includes a range of naturally fermented foods and beverages that fit the breakfast and the dining table to supply the need of the day’s probiotic demands. THOLUA ® Kombucha, THOLUA ® Sauerkraut, THOLUA ® Kimchi, THOLUA ® Khorisha, THOLUA ® Pickle etc are few of the products available in the basket at present.

Customers/Users Progressive health wellness seeking consumers.
Revenue Model

Wholesaling Retailing through a channel of distribution, including E-Commerce and Subscription packages.

Current Traction

At the product POC level, the startup has reached about 1-lakh consumers with a gain of positive feedback and repeat orders. Presently, the product is available in a few selected modern format retail stores,, and through few selected affiliates. The startup is launching a pan India subscription scheme from January 2020.