The Farmers Friend

Startup Name

The Farmers Friend

Founding Year 2018
Founders Md Raju Ali, Sanjib Chamuah
Business Category


Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest


Investment Required

35, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Under processing


Under construction

Startup’s Objective

The startup targets at increasing agricultural production and thereby increase sustainability for farmers.

Market Need

There’s a considerable dearth of certified agriculture centers in North East India for soil testing compared to the number and needs of the farmers. The farmers need to travel a considerable distance and spend a good amount of money in order to go to the nearest center and get the soil testing done. What more, most of the farmers in the region aren’t educated enough about the usage of compost, often leading to the deterioration of soil biomass and nutrients.

Product/Service description

The Farmer’s Friend has developed a user-friendly soil testing device that can monitor parameters like NPK, soil pH, soil temperature, moisture and humidity. All one needs to do is to insert the device into the soil and it will directly test the soil quality along with displaying suggestions on the suitable type of compost fertilizer and the exact amount required to be applied into the soil.

Customers/Users •Government agricultural hubs and those working on various government schemes (soil health card scheme, soil health management (SHM) under NMSA, PKVY, Fertilizer Association of India (FAI), Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR)). •Big agricultural farms, fertilizer suppliers etc. •Farmers, including those involved in urban farming.
Revenue Model

The startup earns through direct selling to:
B2B: Big agricultural farms, fertilizer suppliers, etc.
B2G: Government fertilizer centres, Government agriculture centres, various government schemes etc.
B2C: Farmers in rural and urban farming.

Current Traction