Tahbildar Agro Farms and Food Processing

Startup Name

Tahbildar Agro Farms and Food Processing

Founding Year 2018
Founders Bhaskar Tahbildar, Mousumi Bordoloi
Business Category

Food Processing

Startup Stage

Early Stage Revenue

Support Required from The Nest

Fund, Market Connect

Investment Required

3, 00, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.



Startup’s Objective

Tahbildar Agro Farm aims at bringing technical inputs into the collection and preservation of milk to meet the market requirements and turning dairy farming into a profitable business among the traditional milkmen.

Market Need

Milk collection in the rural areas lacks an organized structure. Collection is done by independent vendors as per their whims and requirement. Regular systematic milk collection with perks and bonus would result in the increase of procurable milk that would benefit the farmers.

Product/Service description

The startup collects milk from the rural belt near Guwahati and takes measures for preservation and quality maintenance. Then it’s processed into milk products – curd, cream, cottage cheese and ghee.

Customers/Users B2B in the rural areas of Assam.
Revenue Model

The startup keeps 30% margin on every sales proceed with the dealer.

Current Traction

Tahbildar Agro Farm records a daily milk production of 50 litre and a daily milk processing of 200 litre with a daily turnover of Rs. 48, 000. Its processed products are currently sold in 100 shops from the rural areas and has 200 more shops in the pipeline.