Spokehub LLP

Startup Name

Spokehub LLP

Founding Year


Business Category

Bicycle Industry

Startup Stage

Early Growth Stage

Type of Entity

Private Limited



Startup’s Objective

The startup aims at creating an ecosystem for upgrading bicycling as a lifestyle habit in North East India.

Market Need

The bicycling trend as a healthy activity hasn’t caught up in Assam as much it has in the metropolitan cities of the country. Cycling as a sport isn’t taken as seriously as the other sports disciplines, like cricket, football etc. Given that bicycling serves the dual purpose of fitness maintenance and green mode of conveyance, it’s crucial to popularise bicycling among the people.

Product/Service description

Spokehub is the one-stop place for everything related to bicycles. The startup has retail bike stores for bicycles and accessories. These stores come with dedicated service centres equipped with world-class tools and certified technicians. They offer bicycle rental services as well. The startup also invests in well-managed professional cycling events to get the local talents to test themselves. Spokehub believes in growth through the community. They have planned to organize early morning rides on a weekly basis that would expose new riders to the seasoned ones and help them take baby steps


30-45 Year Olds – Health conscious and ambitious with disposable incomes 13 to 20 Year Olds – Interested to take up cycling as a profession or as an outdoor sport.

Revenue Model

The startup generates revenue from two modes: 1) Bicycle and accessories sale 2) Bicycle service and spares

Current Traction

The startup has served 2000+ happy customers.
Lifestyle cyclists is growing at more than triple rate.
4 Ironman finishers in last one year
Nationals Bronze winner in 2019 from the Spokehub Racing team


Ajanta Boro, Bikash J Doley