Shop Furniture

Startup Name

Shop Furniture

Founding Year 2017
Founders Jyoti Rajkhowa, Partha Das
Business Category

Furniture and Furnishing

Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest

Mentoring, Market linkage, Fun

Investment Required

10, 000, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.



Startup’s Objective

The startup strives to improve the quality of cane and wood to make more robust and durable furniture.

Market Need


Product/Service description

Shop Furniture works with Cane and Bamboo (strand woven) furniture wherein they procure furniture while the post treatment and finishing is done in-house to achieve the desired quality. The startup is now planning to bring in more products in the wooden and allied segment following the same model. The core business model involves improving technologies and materials for furniture making. They also believe in involving communities in making the products. A large segment of their products include handicrafts which directly benefits the communities.

Customers/Users The startup has been selling through multiple small retail outlets in the state. It is expected to build an association with Big Bazar and Metro B2B sales.
Revenue Model

Shop Furniture sells its products directly to the customers as well as through retail marketing, kept a margin of 20% or more on all items.

Current Traction

The startup has achieved sales of more than a lakh in the first year of operation through online, offline and B2B selling. It’s also planning on implementing an AR based sales system where the people can have more enhanced design using mobile devices.