Startup Name


Founding Year


Business Category

Renewable Energy

Startup Stage

Early Growth Stage

Type of Entity

Private Limited



Startup’s Objective

The startup claims to be the only technically feasible and economically viable plant in India that harnesses the energy of Green Bamboo to generate electricity.

Market Need

Risa caters to the need for tapping renewable energy to produce clean electricity on the wake of climate change and environmental threats. The power deficit in the region has negatively affected industrial growth that needs an urgent redressal. Morever, the economic condition of the bamboo growers in the region also demands an upliftment.

Product/Service description

The startup has developed a technology to convert bamboo energy into electricity. The bamboo is put under controlled combustion to produce gas which is then converted into electricity. The startup claims itself to be the only functional plant in India that uses Bamboo (at 50% moisture) and is still viable.


State DISCOMs Large Industries North East India and Global Market – Islands (e.g. Bali)

Revenue Model

The startup will generate revenue through sale of electricity to APDCL or Industries or both and the amount of revenue.

Current Traction

Risa has fine tuned the product and has been successfully running the first prototype power plant at Mangaldoi, Darrang District for the last 3 years, validating its technical and economic feasibility. The startup plans to setup 100+ similar plants in the state of Assam.


Pankaj Kankaria, Samrat Deka, Ritesh Tahbildar