Startup Name


Founding Year


Business Category

Agriculture, Food and Beverages

Startup Stage

Early Growth Stage

Type of Entity

Private Limited



Startup’s Objective

The startup is committed to ecological and sustainable development, creating value at the rural grass root level and aiding the rural socio- economy through ecologically sustainable agricultural practices and sustainable job creation.

Market Need

The startup addresses the need for ecologically sustainable economic development of the overall rural economy at large by informing and engaging farmers to integrated natural and demand-based farming of indigenous products, involving women, local and underprivileged communities (tribal communities, farmer’s family, etc.) to value-add the produce into novelty food products, create more jobs, and reduce waste of produce.

Product/Service description

The startup has a line of cause-driven FMCG novelty food products like tea, Himalayan coffee, ingenious rice and ingenious novelty food products. These products are produced by rural producers and farmers under the startup’s guidance. Rhodotion provides them capacity building training to practice organic and demand-based natural farming. they give the most crucial market linkage for the produce, thus enabling greater revenue. The startup also creates SHGs, Rural producer groups, Farmers Clubs, etc. that helps them get a centralized collection, certifications, and other benefits more easily.


Restaurants and cafes White labelling for organizations like ISKCON Direct consumers

Revenue Model

The startup primarily earns from sales through their online and offline retail operations. For the B2B model the startup is targetting hotels, restaurants, and cafeterias to buy their products.

Current Traction

Rhodotion has collaborated with Biswanath tea garden in Silchar, and the Koley Group for dehydrated vegetables and fruit, serving 12 hotels, restaurants and cafes in Kolkata and Delhi, including 5 star hotels such as SWISSOTEL, THE ASTOE, Serving ISKCON Mayapur and Vrindaban. It is soon going to open a subsidiary of Rhodotion in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Subhankar Sanyal, Debayan Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Debarati Bhaumik, Sunanda Bhowmick