PWR Bio Unit

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PWR Bio Unit

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Startup’s Objective

The startup focusses on exploring technology that can help recycle non-degradable waste, particularly the plastic wastes.

Market Need

Plastic has posed a global problem today. In Assam, while we consume a huge number of plastic per day, only 30%-40% of plastics are recycled. The remaining are dumped in land field or burnt which endangers the enviournment. Need of the hour is to find a way for effective plastic recycling. Furthermore, given the gradual exhaustion of the crude oil reserve in the world, we must urgently find an alternative source of fuel oil.

Product/Service description

The startup has developed a technology to produce fuel oils like gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, and inflammable gas from plastic waste. The plastic residue left from the process turn into black carbon that has a huge demand in the paint industry, cement industry, tyer manufacturing industry etc. With the help of their technology, the startup is able to produce 60%-80% of petroleum fuel, 25%-30% of carbon black and 3%-7% percent of flamable gas out of one kilogram of plastic waste.


B2C Fuel consumers B2B Tea industry Rubber industry Paint industry Bitumine industry Cement industry Tyre manufacturing industry

Revenue Model

The startup has chalked out a model to earn through the B2B and B2C sale of their products.

Current Traction

The startup has launched a prototype plant and has produced about 70 liters of pyrolysis fuel as well as 20 – 25 kg of carbon black. Recently, they have also installed a plastic feeding capacity plant.


Prabin Patowary, Linton Hazarika