Startup Name


Founding Year 2019
Founders Saurav Jyoti Sarma, Abhijit Nath
Business Category

Food, Machinery

Startup Stage

Early stage

Support Required from The Nest

Funding, Mentoring and Networking

Investment Required

500, 000, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.



Startup’s Objective

The startup is innovating a panipuri vending machine/phuska ATM to produce the best quality panipuri with varieties of innovative flavours, offering the best quick service experience.

Market Need

According to the “International Journal of Research in Management & Business” with a case study of panipuri sales, the panipuri market in 2008 was worth $ 1.56 Bn and is growing at the rate of 8% every year. Currently, it has a $ 4 Bn market which is completely unorganised. There is a need for converting this unorganised sector into an organised one.

Product/Service description

The idea of inventing “An Automated Panipuri Vending Machine” is to vend panipuri without a cashier. The main focus is to provide hygienic panipuri in large scale and to deliver it without consuming more amount of time. This machine will reduce the labour cost. It will also provide 24/7 service to the customers. The machine can be moved from one place to other where the electricity is available. It is very easy to install in places like malls, restaurants, luxury hotels, airports, etc. Almost everyone in this world can use this machine.

Customers/Users 1. 10,000 Panipuri vendors whose overall income is 5k-6k/ day.

2. Wedding planners and marriage parties.

Revenue Model

1. In India, there are approx. 138 big malls and 500 small malls. So, considering placing 1 machine each in 50 big malls and 300 small malls, the net revenue will come around:_x000B_Rs 3.5-4.2 Crore (selling price to be fixed at Rs 1-1.2 lakhs)

2. Selling it to 2000 corporate offices approximately, the revenue would be around Rs. 20-24 crore.

Current Traction