Okegiga Holidays

Startup Name

Okegiga Holidays

Founding Year


Founders Dipmoina Dowarah, Madhumita Devi
Business Category

Hospitality & Tourism

Startup Stage

Early Traction

Support Required from The Nest

Funding, Mentoring

Investment Required

1, 00, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.



Startup’s Objective

Okegiga Holiday aims at becoming a global brand catering to the “Location Independent Entrepreneurs” or “Digital Nomads”.

Market Need

“Location Independent Entrepreneurs” or “Digital Nomads” a new trending life style that is emerging fast. Entrepreneurs are moving around the world with no fixed location, they work remotely from their laptops. They only ‘NEED’ a good place to work from their laptops with better internet, food and stay facilities. There are only few places are focusing at this need and in Asia it is even very low, only like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia.

Product/Service description

Okegiga Holiday has set up a resort at the Majuli island free from noise and pollution, equipped with good internet connectivity and offering healthy food at cost effective prices. As per the customized requirements, the startup also offers recreational programs and services such as local folk dance, gardening, village tour, cycling, community services etc.

Customers/Users Digital nomads
Regular tourists
Social entrepreneurs
Revenue Model

The startup generates revenue by renting out cottages, conference space, kitchen space, van parking space and tent pitching space. They also sell tour packages, food and beverage, and locally made goods and souvenirs and charge on conducting adventure activities..

Current Traction

With 2 operational seasons so far, Okegiga Holiday has clients spread across Spain, France, Slovenia, China, Hong kong, Israeil, America, Netherlands, Japan, London, Italy, and Australia and has earned an average monthly revenue of Rs. 1, 50, 000, considering 8 months operational period for a season/year.