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Founders Pankaj Gogoi, Rajneesh Bansal, Rajdeep Basumatary, Deepjyoti Baruah, Rahul Sharma, Shalin Choudhury, Binomrita Borah, Kandarpa Upadhyay
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Pvt. Ltd.


Startup’s Objective

MuuvR is committed to providing B2B transportations for inter-city transportation as well as on-demand aggregation for intra city services.

Market Need

There is no common platform today in the North East India that could seamlessly connect a customer wanting efficient goods transportation with optimum cost to a truck owner with the capability to deliver. There is no central marketplace for transport vehicles owners – trucks, tempos and autovan – to ensure maximum utilization of their fleet. Businesses find it difficult to reach Tier-III towns as last mile connectivity options are very fragmented. Geographical complexities add to the challenge. The market size for North East India market is 300 million dollars growing, and Indian logistics market is at at a CAGR of 7.8%.

Product/Service description

MuuvR provides a technology-driven platform connecting a customer looking for logistics service in the North East to a certified transporter who can deliver it safely as per agreed timelines at an optimum cost. Thes startup aspires to be a bridge that allows goods to move seamlessly across states through multi-modal transport. The App driven platform has a user-friendly interface. A customer who wants to transport his goods can key in his requirement through the App and he will get a vehicle at a reasonable standard price. He can also monitor the movement of the vehicle for the dedicated load. The truck owner also gets to track his vehicle’s movement in various locations across the country. The cashless payment through the mobile app enables flawless ease of online transactions of the consignments made by customers /clients to the transporters. With the ERP, the transporter has an integrated system to track all the consignments at the tip of his finger so that he can have a weekly report on all his transactions.

Customers/Users The target customers include anyone in North East India who wants to transport a full load of goods initially.
START UP PHASE Anyone who wants to transport goods within the city targeted.
E commerce providers who want last mile connectivity for delivery.
Large door to door transporters who want to break bulk and deliver part loads within the city. B2B clients who would need transportation from warehouses intra and towns of Assam . SECOND PHASE Large factories based in Assam who want to send cargo out to rest of India. Integrating with PAN India B2B clients .
Revenue Model

Their revenue streams primarily come from Vehicle-based Commission from usage of the platform.
They are also charging a flat amount for a distance of more than 10kms within the city.
Secondary lines of revenue include commission on generating leads and business for:
• Vehicle Insurance
• Vehicle loans
• Personal Loans
• Automobile consumables
The target is to hit a commission revenue run rate of Rs 10.000/- per day by the third month of operation.

Current Traction

MuuvR has completed around 62 trips making revenue of Rs. 11, 452 for the month of January’19 and transacting amount of Rs. 92, 655. Following the official launch of their website in February 2019 , the startup is getting around 6 to 7 trips on a daily basis.