Little Machines

Startup Name

Little Machines

Founding Year


Founders Ravi Chakravorty, Krishnanga Kalita
Business Category


Startup Stage

Early Stage with Proof of Concept

Support Required from The Nest

Mentoring, Funding

Investment Required

30, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.


Startup’s Objective

Little Machines is dedicated to enhancing remote healthcare diagnosis using embedded solution and AI.

Market Need

Almost up to 97% of worldwide microscopic image analysis is dependent on the observer’s skills; and we know that a good diagnosis is 3/4th the remedy. Although being very powerful, current microscopes are dumb machines; they cannot interpret what is being seen. And for many centuries, microscopes haven’t changed much. Human intuition based decisions tend to miss out on tiny variations, which often leads to wrong diagnosis. Also there’s a lack of a healthy patient to doctor ratio in pathology in India, especially in remote places.

Product/Service description

Little Machines has developed MICROCAM, a smart and portable digital microscope that will have the smart features for image analysis and AI implement across the device and apps for the users to do better diagnosis and observation. It features wide field view, with power of both optical and digital magnification and has Android as the operating system. It is computer controlled, affordable and portable enough to be used in rural areas without the need of a doctor.

Customers/Users Hospitals.
Pathology labs.
Education/Research Institutions.
Forensic labs.
Revenue Model

Manufacturing, distribution and sale of MICROCAM are to be fixed at an MRP of Rs 60,000, either through manufacturing partner or inhouse manufacturing, keeping 25-40% margin in each transaction.

Current Traction