Let’s Learn Together

Startup Name

Let’s Learn Together

Founding Year


Founders Upal Jyoti Baruah, Daydeep Chetia
Business Category


Startup Stage

Early Traction & Refinement

Support Required from The Nest

Mentorship, Networking, Market Connect, Funding, Coworking space

Investment Required

60, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Registered Partnership.



Startup’s Objective

The startup’s prime objective is to help students without any geographical boundary to succeed in competitive exams by building a personal digital classroom for every student in their mother language and creating a community of students and teachers to transfer knowledge effectively.

Market Need

Although there are a number of coaching centres for competitive examinations, there’s a remarkable need for arranging classes in vernacular medium for better understanding. Furthermore, there are a good number of aspirants who find it difficult to afford fixed time and money to attend the physical classes.

Product/Service description

Let’s Learn Together is an Android-based learning management system, providing contents in the form of video lectures in regional language, study materials and mock test for various exams. The startup helps connect a community of teachers, successful candidates and aspirants of competitive exams for jobs directly or indirectly under the Govt of Assam.

Customers/Users Candidates aspiring to sit for competitive exams and applying for government jobs.
Revenue Model

The startup follows a subscription-based revenue model.

Current Traction

Let’s Learn Together has sampled their product with 450 aspirants and have been able to retain their interest to come back.