Startup Name


Founding Year


Founders Mukesh Babu, Sree Bhargav
Business Category

Rental Commerce

Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest

Funding, Mentorship, Networking

Investment Required

1, 00, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.



Startup’s Objective

LensHood’s vision is to build a sustainable future where people collaboratively consume various equipments and resources, thereby making anything affordable and accessible.

Market Need

There is no way currently to rent out equipment online and have it delivered at the doorstep. The offline rental industry is fragmented and in case one needs multiple equipments, he will have to visit a number of shops after having to call or ping each shop separately. Also, for every new city he visits, he will have to search all over again.

Product/Service description

Calling themselves the Airbnb for photography, LensHood is a peer-to-peer photography equipment rental platform. The online platform connects the lenders with the borrowers, taking care of security, pickup and delivery. In case of a damage, the startup has an insurance policy – the first of its kind in India.

Customers/Users Anyone with a need to borrow or rent photography equipments.
Revenue Model

The startup charges convenience fee per transaction.

Current Traction

In their pilot run, LensHood did 1,00,000 INR GMV across 76 orders. They have around 1300 likes on FB and 500 followers on Instagram and receive constant requirements from the potential users on social media handles every week.