Startup Name


Founding Year


Founders Anuran Patgiri, Sanjiban Roy, Injamul Islam, Jayanta Gogoi, Rupesh Mandal
Business Category


Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest


Investment Required

2, 500, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd (under processing)


Startup’s Objective

KrishiKarman aims at solving the issues typically faced by the farmers and enhance agricultural output in terms of quality and quantity.

Market Need

Despite the fact that agriculture is largely dependent on weather conditions, farmers mostly do not have access to timely weather predictions that leads to huge wastage of resources every year. Secondly, Assam lacks district-wise soil-testing labs as a result of which farmers have to travel a long distance and incur a spending to get access to the labs. They are also bereft of professional guidance for the identification of crop diseases that again leads to huge wastage. Furthermore, long-time storage of harvested crops poses a big challenge. The state is also wanting in direct e-commerce platforms for farmers.

Product/Service description

KrishiKarman is working on IoT and machine-learning based Agricultural Application and hardware to help farmers with real time crop health and stress monitoring, disease detection, weather information and best crop suggestion. It’s map-based Application Programming Interface facilitates UAV requests for larger agricultural farms. The startup makes provisions for door-to-door mobile soil testing and is also working on an e-commerce platform to help farmers easily procure crop seeds and other ancillary materials.

Customers/Users Farmers.
Revenue Model

The IoT kit modules will be sold on a per kit basis, while the soil testing modules are priced per sample. The startup will keep 8-13% commission from the agri sellers on the e-commerce platform. Revenue shall also be derived from the yearly maintenance charges and agro-based ads on the e-commerce platform.

Current Traction

Questionnaires are being filled up by the visiting farmers and positive response has been received from them.