Go Organoponics

Startup Name

Go Organoponics

Founding Year


Business Category

Agri-tech and Allied Services

Startup Stage

Early Growth

Type of Entity

Not yet registered


Startup’s Objective

Bring efficiency in quality, production, and marketing of agricultural produce.

Market Need

The agricultural sector in India is still falling behind in terms of farming methods and equipements, which thwarts production. Dearth of knowledge in marketing and quality maintenance of the produce is further adding to the woes.

Product/Service description

Go Organoponics introduces a platform for quality exchange of Advanced Agricultural Techniques through a Learning Process for government colleges, schools, farmers, unemployed youths, and budding entrepreneurs. The startup will monitor the quality of the produce through its team and handle a hassle-free marketing of the products by working symbiotically with the growers. It also plans to set up small scale laboratories in all the District of the state for detection & control of plants/fish diseases/pest by providing preventive measures to the grower’s farms. The venture will employ remote sensing (GIS) methods for the farmers to gather data related to agricultural queries and also apply automation (IOT) to reduce farm work. “Go Organoponics” will implement ways to initiate advanced rainwater harvesting techniques for domestic as well as agricultural purposes. The venture also focusses on introducing bee cultivation by introducing pesticide-free agricultural techniques in Pisciculture, Horticulture and Floriculture. This venture even introduces modern method of production of timber/plywood from bamboo cultivation in order to abate deforestation of trees for timber/plywood.


Consumers in need of help & guidance for rainwater harvesting setup for domestic & agricultural needs. Farmers/growers in need of knowledge of modern techniques of agriculture & modern laboratories for pest/disease detection & remedy at affordable minimum charge. Furniture Industries in need of Timber/Plywood. Young Entrepreneurs/Unemployed youth in need of guidance on modern day eco-friendly commercial agricultural techniques at affordable minimum charge etc.

Revenue Model

Through its various agricultural setups at various districts of a state to create a learning platform, the venture will earn revenue by selling quality products produced in those set ups. Further, for quality maintenance, proper implementation, improvisations, technical support, knowledge and proper marketing of products (exports to neighboring states/countries), Go Organoponics will charge a minimal fees for the service. Further, the learning platforms & laboratories would also earn a good revenue from their service.

Current Traction

The startup completed an advanced farming setup involving aquaponics, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and Drip irrigation.


Biman Gogoi, Masood Alam Ahmed, Romeo Boro, Dr. Ishan Phukan, Dr Jishan Phukan, Dr Anchuman Chetia, Uddipta Dihingia