Startup Name


Founding Year

Business Category

Agriculture – Fishery and allied

Startup Stage


Type of Entity

not yet registered


Startup’s Objective

Production and retailing of quintessential fresh water indigenous fishes to be sold alive.

Market Need

About 70% of fish in the local markets of India are available in frozen state. The local varieties are available at higher prices and that too might not be available fresh and alive. Furthermore, there’s huge skill gap in the fish farming technology of India. Most of the farmers are rearing fish in traditional methods due to which their farming efficiency isn’t upto the standard level.

Product/Service description

The startup has adopted biofloc method for local fish farming, which will lead to higher yield in shorter time at lower cost. They select and rear fish breeds based on the demand of the respective localities. Fishalive has also designed a unique aerated box to stack the fish at the member stalls. The startup will provide these boxes along with the fish to the member sellers. They will fill these boxes with fish on a daily basis based on the demand given by the member sellers. Entire system will be operated on a unique hub and spoke supply chain model.


Small fish vendors of local markets. Women fish vendors.

Revenue Model

Revenue will be generated in two ways. First, through the membership fee charged from the member sellers. Second, through direct fish selling to the member sellers on daily basis.

Current Traction

Pre-launch stage


Debajit Mahanta, Abdul Sajad