Startup Name


Founding Year 2018
Founders Bahniman Rynjah, Prodipta Narayan Dev, Saumarjit Konwar, Bhargav Deori
Business Category


Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest

Network connections, Financial support, Mentorship

Investment Required

10, 00, 000

Type of Entity



Startup’s Objective

EduMiles works on empowering students as they prepare to cross the threshold of high school to college by equipping them with skills for personality and career development.

Market Need

In an age of myriad career options, the parents and the children need to be enlightened and encouraged in making effective career choices and also enable the students from Northeast India to achieve academic excellence especially in national level competitive examinations.

Product/Service description

EduMiles has devised a Career Assessment Test, a psychometric testing using standardized tests and personalized student profiles. It also organizes Career Talk and Counselling, a one-on-one and group sessions with students, parents and teachers to help students make correct academic and career decisions.

Customers/Users B2C Parents and students (classes VIII to XII and Graduates) for career assessment and counselling. B2B Educational institutions and corporates.
Revenue Model

The startup earns through the service charges on a Cost Plus model, targeting private schools, parents, government projects and CSR teams of government and private entities. Upon gaining market share and achieving traction, the startup would adopt a subscription model where the end-user pays upfront time-bound fee

Current Traction

The startup has established its footprint in 50 schools across 4 states in Northeast India (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Meghalaya). It has conducted counselling sessions in 40 schools in Upper Assam through OIL Duliajan with 4000+ students being counselled. Edumiles has also participated in 10 Career Talks held in Lynchpin Educational fairs in 8 cities across Northeast India. It has enrolled into a partnership with Headway (Education event organiser) in association with the Assam Tribune for conducting Career Counselling and Talk sessions in Guwahati and the sub-urbs.