Dream Decals

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Dream Decals

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Startup’s Objective

The startup strives to replicate the quality of a live doodle wall art into a more affordable avatar.

Market Need

The wall mural options available are more generic, lacking in uniqueness. It’s almost impossible to find a regional or ethnic designs in the market. Though getting a personalised piece of doodle art on the wall is an option, but it’s an expensive affair. An alternative version with similar quality at cheaper rates is much desired.

Product/Service description

Dream Decals offers creative, customized wall decals at jawdropping cheaper prices. The startup converts hand-made doodle arts into wall decals that saves a lot of time and efforts. A special focus is laid on ethnic designs. Besides, the startup also offers creative consultancy to the B2B clients.


B2B Market: Real estate and interior designing firms.
B2C Market: Customized wall decals as per the need of the customers.

Revenue Model

B2B, B2G, and B2C sales form the main source of revenue. They also charge a fee for offering creative consultancy to the B2B clients.

Current Traction

Dream Decals has executed wall design projects for Government agencies such Assam Sahitya Sabha, Transport Department, and Assam Startup.
They accomplish a minimum of 1 project per month on wall designs and art for cafétarias and restaurants.


Tez Gogoi, Anand K Newar