Dorikona Fish Farming

Startup Name

Dorikona Fish Farming

Founding Year 2018
Founders Dibya Jyoti Kakoti, Dipranjan Buragohain, Bijay Saikia
Business Category


Startup Stage

Early Stage

Support Required from The Nest

Fund, Mentoring, Market Connect

Investment Required

40, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Non-Registered Partnership



Startup’s Objective

Dorikona is working on a biofloc fish farming system in order to accelerate the production of local fish in Assam.

Market Need

90% population of Assam consumes fish, most of them on a regular basis. Meeting this mammoth demand for fish needs an organized fish production system that can accelerate the production and make the fish varieties available to the consumers at lower prices.

Product/Service description

Dorikona employs biofloc system, an eco-friendly, cost effective, and highly productive fish farming method, supplemented by proper use of feed and water, making it a complete solution to meet the high demand for local fish in Assam. The system is simple, requires lesser manpower, lesser area and enables lesser feed wastage.

Customers/Users The startup primarily targets the fish lovers of Assam.
Revenue Model

Dorikona produces and sells the product directly to the end customer through their own retail chain system.

Current Traction

The startup has produced the first batch of fish and has received a very positive response.