Cipher Studios

Startup Name

Cipher Studios

Founding Year 2018
Founders Kabir Das, Mohd Moidul Islam, Sharukh Ahmed
Business Category


Startup Stage

Early Stage Revenue

Support Required from The Nest

Mentoring, Network Connects, Fund

Investment Required

2, 00, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Not registered


Startup’s Objective

Cipher Studios wants to develop the wanting techology landscape of North East India by developing software products to meet the multifarious business needs.

Market Need

There is a great need in Assam for more prolific use of customized software for a business to run effectively and efficiently.

Product/Service description

Cipher Studios provides technology solutions ranging from a lead capturing landing page or a full stack app to a specifically tailored computer vision solution and a single stop execution of their idea from inception to market under one roof.

Set apart from other development solution providers who resell or just outsource projects, this startup designs their own modular units to cater to the multiple clients having different needs while also making their own DevOps more scalable and controllable at the same time.

Customers/Users Budding Startups or Product based ventures.

The Government. Any business that needs automation or tailored tech solutions.

Revenue Model

The startup earns through direct product selling to the B2B clients and also charges on the maintenance, if required. The average margin is between 50-70%, depending on the requirements and specifications needed.

Current Traction

Cipher studios has worked in small, medium and big projects with demands for various platforms and skillsets. Till now, they have made a revenue of Rs. 5 lakhs in approximately 6 months with linearly increasing inbound sales.