Cesta Enterprise

Startup Name

Cesta Enterprise

Founding Year


Business Category


Startup Stage

Early Growth

Type of Entity

Private Limited



Startup’s Objective

Cesta Enterprise provides engineering solutions using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and customized geospatial solutions through unmanned systems with speed, accuracy, innovation and a resilient service ethic to government and private sectors

Market Need

The market need arises because of inaccurate land survey using traditional tool, data inaccuracy, time consuming processes, lack of information, and difficulty in data collection. In the oil and gas industry, physical inspection of pipeline is very tough and sometimes dangerous, time consuming, costly, requirement of man power, requirement of helicopter for inspection, and there’s dearth of real time data. Search and rescue operations are difficult, need huge team, expensive, risky and can be time consuming. Rural and urban floods pose a big challenge due to poor drainage issue, improper planning etc.

Product/Service description

The startup provides aerial Mapping/Survey, aerial Inspection, Powerline Inspection, Crop Consultancy, Volumetric Analysis, and Security and Surveillance using drone based technology.


Architects, Builders, Consultants, Indian Oil, NDRF, BRO, IWAI, IWT, Assam Police, Cotton University, Guwahati University, etc. and also other company’s Like Mitra SK, BIL, Onvia Pvt. Ltd., Edifice, Sara Abode, Albarin Explotech Pvt. Ltd.etc.

Revenue Model

The startup earns by selling services to the clients.

Current Traction

Cesta Enterprise has worked with 60+ architects and has provided services to 15+ builders across India. They have completed 100+ mapping projects. The startup is the only registered vendor in the Indian oil for pipeline inspection in India. They have mapped 1500+ acre of area within 2 years.


Ankur Jyoti Bordoloi, Ashim Dey