Startup Name


Founding Year


Founders Bably Pathak
Business Category


Startup Stage

Validation and Initial Traction

Support Required from The Nest

Mentorship, Funding

Investment Required

25, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Sole Proprietorship




Startup’s Objective

BeBright aims to to empower children in the age group of 6 to 18 years to become creators and innovators using technology by improving their computaional thinking and problem solving skills.

Market Need

Can you imagine life today without technology? Facebook, LinkedIn etc. the mobile phone, the laptop have all become integral parts of our lives. While most of us are consumers of technology, the need of the hour is to have creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who can find solutions to problems and help make the world a better place.

Product/Service description

BeBright is the first startup in North East India focussed on improving coding skills of children by organising workshops for Coding and Robotics. They teach different skills to children such as programming, web development, game development, mobile app development etc. using Design Thinking principles in a fun and collaborative environment.

Customers/Users Users: Children between 6-18 years of age.
Customers: Parents.
Revenue Model

Parents pay a fee for the courses and workshops the students attend.

Current Traction