Assam Green Business Initiative

Startup Name Assam Green Business Initiative
Founding Year 2019
Founders Dipankar Kalita,Pritom Dutta,Darshana Gogoi
Business Category Agriculture (Bamboo)
Startup Stage Proof of Concept
Support Required from The Nest Funding connect
Investment Required 1, 00, 00, 000
Type of Entity PLC


Startup’s Objective The startup vouches for the sustainable development and utilization of Bamboo resources of Assam and North East India through FSC certification and Industry use.
Market Need Assam is well known for its tremendous Bamboo resource base. Howeever, there is an absence of linkage between the producer (farmers) and the industry. Appropriate farmer training is required for the adaptations of scientific cultivation and management of bamboo as per the FSC Forest Management Plan. Homestead bamboo cultivators in Assam do not use modern inputs such as scientific bamboo management and are engaged in this activity as a supplementary source of household income. This is resulting in a serious lack of interest among farmers to keep homestead bamboo garden and increased depletion of bamboo resources.
Product/Service description Assam Green Business Initiative proposes to set up an edge glue Board manufacturing unit in Middle Assam.The unit will focus on manufacturing bamboo edge glue board and shall focus on developing different utility items and furniture out of the bamboo edge glue board.
Customers/Users Local market and international export
Revenue Model 90% of their sales revenue is expected to come from IKEA India, rest 10% of sales from Bamboo Agarbatti sticks which will explore the local market.
Current Traction The startup is working on identifying suitable farmers for FSC certification.