Startup Name


Founding Year


Business Category

Food & Beverage

Startup Stage

Early Growth Stage

Type of Entity

Private Limited


Startup’s Objective

The startup strives to develop a range of wellness tea with health benefits from the small tea gardens of Assam and support the small tea growers in the process.

Market Need

The market need arises from the three questions: 1. Why not provide a solution through a drink which is economical and popular? 2. Why not promote value added teas for better price realization? 3. Why not support small tea farmers at root level?

Product/Service description

The startup offers a wide range of tea from the small tea gardens of Assam, including green tea, white tea, black tea, luxury teas, and wellness teas with different health benefits.


Institutions like Guwahati refinery, OIL, IIE.
Departmental stores In Assam
Corporate Offices
Online sale across India

Revenue Model

The startup is engaged in retail and bulk sales through distribution network.
It also enables sale through exports overseas.

Current Traction

26 tea blends since incorporation utilizing 6 varieties of Assam teas. Unique blends like Blue tea, Roselle tea and Bhot Jolokia tea have been very popular. Bhot Jolokia tea is the only blend in the world. They have received export orders from Canada and Singapore worth approx Ra. 1 lakh. Besides, the startup has a good customer base online. 1 distributor has been appointed in Assam.


Ranjit Baruah