Aranyak Valley

Startup Name Aranyak Valley
Founding Year 2017
Founders Gaurav Chakraborty
Business Category Social sector
Startup Stage Stage 3 (Traction)
Support Required from The Nest MASI grant, Mentoring, Links with Govt. Universities
Investment Required 2, 00, 00, 000
Type of Entity Pvt. Ltd.
Impact 3000
Startup’s Objective The startup strives to build self-sustainable “PRIDE HABITATS” OR PRIDE CENTRES in TIER 3 regions of Assam, offering Skilling, Farm Appreciation and Agro Eco-tourism.
Market Need The remote Tier 3 regions of Assam needs fully equipped habitats or “one stop shop” to address the necessity for tapping and honing skills typical to the area.
Product/Service description Aranyak Valley is trying to build full-fledged rural & semi-urban habitats in the Tier 3 towns of Assam, offering courses for honing:
IT/ Non IT Skills
Farming Skills
Corporate survival Skills Personal, Cultural and Life Skills
The idea is to equip the remote population of the Tier 3 areas of Assam with the necessary skills for a more dignified sustenance.
Customers/Users While the startup targets the parents in the Tier 3 areas of the state as the customers, its users comprise of the children of these parents.
Revenue Model The startup has an array of fee-based courses on offer, imparting vocational training to the children.
Current Traction In the last 1 year of its operations, Aranyak Valley has imparted courses to 600 in its first pilot habitat in the Cachar District of Assam. It has also received requests from International organizations for collaboration and replication of the centre in Sub-Sahara Africa.