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Founding Year

Business Category


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Type of Entity

Private Limited (under processing)


Startup’s Objective

AgSpert strives to leverage deep technology, big data, and smart robotics to optimize in-farm productivity and help farmers grow more with less.

Market Need

There is a need to curb labour scarcity and labour price fluctuations for in-farm operations. Furthermore, the lack of phenotype data to optimize farm inputs results in absence of accurate yield data-sets for better crop insurance. Lastly, the need for continuous physical presence for farm surveillance and monitoring becomes a headache.

Product/Service description

Agspert services and products include a wide range, such as UAV and smart robot services for crop spraying, scouting and planting applications, computer vision based in-farm phenotyping, early mapping of disease/pest attack patterns, full crop cycle data-set,machine learning based yield prediction and real-time plant environment data collection systems with open-source cloud processing.


Govt/private crop insurance firms – R&D in agri-institutes, FPOs/FCOs. Agripreneurs (25-45 yr) – Small tea/potato growers -Livestock farms respectfully.

Revenue Model

1. Selling of individual products – A product cost margin of at-least 50%, excluding overhead.
2. Dynamic Hiring (Problems encountered with rented models could act as data to improve performance).
3. Customer Service – A freemium model for retaining customers with premium service packages.

Current Traction

The startup has successfully completed 1,000 images of tea and potato, 100 acres of test plots drone sprayed for potato farming, 2 field product demos to 100 farmers and 2 experimental plots for full crop cycle data analytics.


Siddhart S Bora