Agro Origin

Startup Name

Agro Origin

Founding Year


Founders Abhinab Shyam
Business Category


Startup Stage

Proof of Concept

Support Required from The Nest

Mentoring, Networking, Fund

Investment Required

1, 00, 000

Type of Entity





Startup’s Objective

Agro Origin believes in sharing the joy of producing and consuming chemical-free food. They offer organic farmers and health conscious customers a common platform to encourage chemical-free agro products.

Market Need

There’s a marked need for supporting chemical-free food consumption in order to avoid life threatening conditions spurred by the chemically infested food products. Unfortunately, such products aren’t easily available or available at exorbitant price.

Product/Service description

Agro Origin is a service-based company, serving the B2C segment. It rents out small micro-farms (between 300 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft.) on subscription basis. Customers can choose to manage farms on- field or from the comfort of their homes. When customers are off-field, the farmers look after the farms and provide security. The idea is to create a remote kitchen garden and to create accessibility to farm fresh, quality agro products.


Age Group: 30+

Target Geography: Tier I/II/III Cities

Lifestyle: Health Conscious, Fitness

Interest: Gardening

Apartment Dwellers

Revenue Model

The startup follows a subscription model for micro farms and also earns through cross selling of agro products.

Current Traction

Not applicable (Proof of Concept)