AGR Organic Food

Startup Name

AGR Organic Food

Founding Year 2016
Founders Rajen Gogoi.
Business Category


Startup Stage

Early Stage Revenue

Support Required from The Nest

Fund, Market Connect

Investment Required

1, 00, 00, 000

Type of Entity

Pvt. Ltd.



Startup’s Objective

AGR Organic Food strives to revive healthy food consumption among the masses by pushing organic production. The company’s motto is to create a better future for the coming generation by preserving soil, water and air. It also aims at generating employment and increasing productivity of people in the state.

Market Need

There’s a vast scope for rural employment in Assam by channelizing the vested skillsets of the people into suitable agrarian projects.

The rich soil of Assam has witnessed depletion on account of the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Mass scale organic production can save soil and water from contamination, while providing safe food to consumers at affordable price.

Product/Service description

AGR Organic Pvt. Ltd. deals with the production and marketing of organically grown food products. The company motivates and creates workforce according to their skills and interest and designs projects for rural economic development, related to organic agriculture, floriculture, handloom, fishery, piggery, layers (egg), food processing, etc. A particular mention for their exotic products like green tea, orthodox tea and black rice, which are grown organically under safe conditions and are priced to fit the budget of the larger masses.

Customers/Users The startup follows a B2B model, targetting distribution centres and local general stores. It also plans to tie up with stores in the metropolitan cities, fitness institutes and reputed retailers like Big Bazaar, Big Basket and 24/7.
Revenue Model

The products are released at 60% of the MRP rate to the distributors. The distributors, in turn, release the products at 30% to the retailers. Given the better profit margin offered to the retailers and distributors, they are expected to prioritize selling the AGR products to the consumers.

Current Traction

The startup has set up green tea and orthodox tea processing units with a turnover of 3 metric tonne per year. The black and red rice production figure comes around 21 metric tonne. It also produces 11 metric tonne of spices annually. AGR Organic Food is currently working with the Agricultural University, Assam for finding more flexible solutions as well as providing training workshops on tea processing.