The Spoke shall bear the following responsibilities:

  1. Create a formal Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) or leverage existing Entrepreneurship Development Cell / Incubator to conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness and Motivation workshops /talks to encourage students to participate in entrepreneurship related activities.
  2. Help in conducting Outreach programs in the respective districts.
  3. Conduct Hackathons or ideation events to encourage students to come up with ideas.
  4. Provide support to the students with innovative ideas.
  5. Organize an Annual Conference and Business Plan contest to identify and recognize the budding enrepreneurs.
  6. Facilitate student interaction with startups.
  7. Make best efforts to support startups from the region with knowledge and access to resources (e.g., incubation facility, technology labs, etc.) so that innovative ideas can be transformed into successful business ventures.
  8. Take care of the expenses for conducting the internal programs or contests.
  9. Take care of the cost of travel, boarding, and lodging (if applicable) for the personnel attending capacity building or networking meets at Assam Startup – The Nest.