QuickGhy collaborates with ASDM to launch mobile app, QG Daksha

February 26, 2021

Hyperlocal service aggregator and Assam Startup incubatee, QuickGhy has collaborated with Assam Skill Development Mission to launch the mobile application, QG Daksha, on 24 February 2021 at the PWD Convention and Training Centre in Guwahati, in the gracious presence of the Honourable Minister for Industries & Commerce, Sri Chandra Mohan Patowary.

QG Daksha is a unified platform for services that allows users to list their services online and help them get connected to potential clients. It offers ease-of-use to customers to access home care and personal care services in the comfort of their homes. The platform poses to bring the fragmented service sector under a unified umbrella, offering quality-tested services by the local vendors with uniform pricing.

The App is loaded with features such as App call, chat, rate profile, view profile options, and WhatsApp support for efficient communication among Service Seekers and Service Providers. The team is focused on maintaining efficient and excellent hospitality and offers 24×7 helpline support for users having any queries related to the service. The GPS feature allows the Service Providers to set their location and availability so that the users can find the nearest available Service Providers and after booking the service, the Service Seekers should be able to track the movement of the Service Providers up to their doorsteps.

Hitherto, QuickGhy had been taking requests on their social media handles for services including plumbing, electrical repairs, deep cleaning, sanitisation, beauty and personal care, personalised confectionery, fitness training, nutrition guide, marble and tile polishing, etc. To date, QuickGhy has on-boarded 100 service providers, facilitating an average monthly income of Rs. 8000 for each. The collaboration with ASDM is expected to create a pipeline of more than 60 skilled workers for immediate onboarding on the platform.

Apart from catering to the service requirements of the people of Assam, QG Daksha would generate the much-needed employment opportunities for the local youths of Assam. The partnership with ASDM will serve to build a decent work and economic growth space, in addition to building sustainable cities and contribute to responsible consumption in context to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN – SDGs).

ASDM’s mission for upskilling the local youths for better employability falls perfectly in sync with QuickGhy’s objective to create livelihood opportunities for the native population. The collaboration corroborates the importance of mutual support and inter-departmental efforts to push the growth of the startups towards realizing the greater mission of abating unemployment issues in the state.

Given that the mainstream markets in India have almost reached a point of saturation, it’s obvious for the big players to eye on the untapped market in North East India. While a competitive challenge from the big players is inevitable, the startups from the region have the home-ground advantage of knowing the market needs and customer behaviour better. It’s upto the startups how they leverage this advantage to set a cut above the seasoned players. Whereas the Government of Assam has been doing its bit to support, promote, and collaborate with the rising local startups like QuickGhy, a crucial part of the verdict also lies with the local consumers in terms of their willingness to opt for local offerings over big brands. At the end of the day, the effectiveness of the Vocal for Local movement will be decided in the market rather than on social media.