NASK Technologies

Startup Name

NASK Technologies

Founding Year


Founders Nilotpal Baruah, Salim Ahmed
Business Category


Startup Stage


Support Required from The Nest

Mentorship, Funding, Publicity

Investment Required

2, 00, 000 for R&D

Type of Entity

Not registered yet



Startup’s Objective

NASK Technologies is working on developing sensor-based prosthetics at affordable price for the common people.

Market Need

The price of a sensor-based prosthetic limb ranges from about Rs. 3 lakhs to several crores, which makes it an unaffordable option for the common people. An alternative low cost solution is of the utmost need.

Product/Service description

NASK Technologies is working on a customizable “low cost prosthetic arm” having enough dexterity to do simple day-to-day tasks. Biofeedback, repeated wearability and low noise interference are a few premium features and could be afforded at reasonable prices.

Customers/Users Amputees (B2C).
Central and State Government and The Indian Army (B2G).
Rehabilitation Centres (Hospitals), Private Clinics, Authorized Distributers and Suppliers (B2B).
Revenue Model

The startup will earn through direct sales transaction as well as by keeping a fee on Annual Maintenance and major software and hardware upgrades.

Current Traction