July 11, 2019
  ‘A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned’. This Philosophy helps you to lean through your bootstrapping phase. But marketing efforts come at a price if you seek for a professional help. However, there are certain free tools and resources available that could curtail your marketing budget. Here’s a list of the best available free... Read More
June 24, 2019
  Three young engineering graduates from Guwahati, David Gogoi, Rupam Choudhury, and Mousam Talukdar, are creating ripples in the construction market in Assam with their innovative and low-cost brick manufacturing startup.  Unlike the usual red clay bricks, Zerund bricks are made of cement, fly ash, organic chemicals, and plastic waste and are available at prices... Read More
May 24, 2019
While the metropolitan cities in India are fast emerging as major startup hubs, claiming international attention over the last few years, the smaller states like Assam have been rather late in joining the startup bandwagon. Despite a not-so-conducive startup environment, startup entrepreneurs like Hironmoy Gogoi have been able to dodge the bullets and emerge as startups grabbing national limelight... Read More
May 24, 2019
Assam Startup – The Nest initiated a meeting with the high net worth individuals (HNI) of Guwahati towards forming an Angel Network in the state for the startups on 9 May 2019. Sushanto Mitra, the CEO and Founder of Lead Angels, India’s first privately owned startup investing network, flew down to the city especially to attend the meeting and edify the HNIs about the value of investing in startups... Read More
May 24, 2019
Startups are hotly in trend. Enterprising people with teeming ideas are getting encouraged to transmute their scattered ideas into well-structured startups. And yet, one burning question that lingers among many startup enthusiasts is how to go about with a startup idea? In this article, we try to address this very question. Pranjal Konwar, COO, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, lays down a stepwise plan right from conceiving a startup idea... Read More
March 22, 2019
In 2015, when India was still trying to warm itself up to the concept of drones, two young men from Guwahati, Biswajit Dey and Ritesh Kanu, started conducting aeromodelling workshops in different educational institutions in their work town Kolkata, under a brand called EduRade. That was the beginning of their startup story. Soon, Biswajit and Ritesh, along with their childhood friend and Co-Founder... Read More