May 11, 2020
The Covid-19 outbreak hasn’t only wreaked havoc on people’s health, but has also muffled businesses and negatively impacted the economy. In India, as much as around the world, the protracting days of lockdown are bringing about major revenue losses and severe disruptions for the economy. While businesses across sectors are mired from carrying out their... Read More
February 24, 2020
4 years back when Jigyan Deep Kalita founded under Stackcell Technologies, he didn’t have a business blueprint in hand. It’s a non-profit website without a revenue model, connecting property owners to the tenants. The plan was to create a database around which a concrete business model could be worked upon. The quirky data gathering... Read More
January 30, 2020
  A photograph recently made rounds on social media of a few kids carving out a carrom board in mud and playing to the heart’s content. Cut to the usual scene in households, the child aggressively holds out against the parents who refuse to buy them a board game. This isn’t confined to the kids... Read More
December 31, 2019
Every time Earth finishes a lap of 940 million kilometres, people greet each other to celebrate it. They create a long list of resolutions to enjoy the next lap peacefully. Some resolve to stay fit, some want to grow in wisdom and intellect, while others wish to find peace. And then there are people with... Read More
November 09, 2019
Despite the onslaught of machine-made textiles, India’s timeless legacy of handlooms has stood strong against the test of time. According to the 2011-12 report by the Ministry of Textiles, over 43 lakh people in the country are engaged in weaving and allied industries. Handlooms worth US$ 355.91 million were exported in 2017-18. While retail giants... Read More
October 28, 2019
Among several issues plaguing Assam, unemployment stands as one major constraint. The fact that the state has a dismal number of literate and semi-literate unemployed youths strikes a sorry picture. Keeping this in mind, the Government of Assam decided to give shape to an initiative that will support and encourage the youths of Assam to... Read More
October 10, 2019
Everyone with a Facebook account must have come across Farmville, a farm replicating social network game. The player farms a land, raises livestock and gradually builds an estate. A startup from Assam is recreating something similar. The only difference is that this isn’t a digital game, but a real-life experience. Abhinab Shyam, an IIM Indore... Read More
September 21, 2019
Imagine a workspace somewhere on a river island! You working on the laptop while basking in the sub-tropical winter sun on a carpet of soft grass, against the faint flapping sound of waves hitting the bank! With the concept of digital nomads taking a grip of the millennials across the globe, Dipmoina Dowarah made a... Read More
August 19, 2019
Given the trending narratives about startups and entrepreneurship, many are drawn to carve their own paths and take up entrepreneurship. Yet, when one takes to the field, he realizes that being an entrepreneur isn’t as rosy as it looked like from the other side of the hill. Often than not, he/she throws in the towel... Read More
August 14, 2019
If the core value of entrepreneurship is creating leaders who can engineer a social impact right from the grassroots, startup from North East India, ChaloHoppo is trying to do just that. Founded in 2016 by 4 young men – John Raphael, Nishant Sinha, Chetan Jalan, and Devraj Barooah – ChaloHoppo isn’t just another travel company... Read More